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History & Principles

Selfless Service: Patient centered. Community Focused. National Coverage.

EagleEye Radiology, Inc. was founded by a group of United States military-trained radiologists who wanted to offer to health facilities the same selfless service and high-quality patient care they were accustomed to delivering to the nation’s most storied military medical institutions. Building upon instilled values of reliability, discipline, and integrity, our radiologists are uniquely suited to provide unparalleled imaging interpretation services to your facility. Our radiologists want to become an active partner in your patients’ care and are eager to earn your trust.

The United States Navy has historically divided the day at sea into “watches” or periods of duty. It is the responsibility of the watch officer or seaman to ensure that everything is safe and sound during that time. At EagleEye, when you give us the opportunity to support your facility, we sincerely believe that we “have the watch” providing service that is patient centered and community focused, with national coverage.