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Client Testimonials

Here’s what EagleEye’s clients are saying:

“We are a small, privately owned scanning facility primarily known for doing virtual colonoscopies as well as other advanced screenings, diagnostic CT's and ultrasounds. We have been sending our images to Eagle Eye Radiology for almost 10 years. We first went with Eagle Eye because they had the best technology with which to read the virtual colonoscopy. We are now sending our other imaging to Eagle Eye and have found them to be professional, accurate, quick turn-around time, and immediately accommodating. Dr. Barlow and his staff are easily accessible when needed. This is so very important given the nature of our industry. “

– -Lindsay Woods, Clinical Liaison
Front Range Preventive Imaging, Boulder, Colorado

“We can’t say enough good things about the stellar service we receive daily from the Eagle Eye Radiology group. They are always quick to read our exams, the reports are extremely thorough, and the results are returned promptly. They are also individually concerned about our patients taking the time to call our Providers personally when critical results are found. Anytime we have a computer problem or technical difficulty, they are so patient and kind in helping us get it fixed-which is invaluable for us who are not very comfortable with technology. Even though we are a small clinic, we receive the same fast personal service just like any large hospital group. Our Providers appreciate the outstanding service we receive from Eagle Eye; we wouldn’t be able to provide the healing to our patients without them. We can’t thank them enough for what they do for us.“

– -Debra M. Johnson, ARRT(R)
Variety Care Community Health Clinics, Oklahoma City, OK

“I would like to thank the EagleEye radiologists who read exams for us last night. We had a head-on collision accident, involving 3 adults and 5 children. Multiple CT & XR exams were done on all the patients. The radiologists got immediate reads back to us which helped in getting everyone examined and the critical patients sent out quickly with all images and reports. The referring physician also wanted to relay her thanks to EagleEye for their excellent service during a very chaotic few hours. All the ER Providers were thankful that reports were received back quickly. I greatly appreciate Eagle Eye’s excellent service, especially during critical emergent situations.“

– Kelly Lawrence, Radiology Supervisor
Cheyenne River Health Services, Eagle Butte, SD