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CT Colonography Services

Led by one of the leading national authorities in CTC (Computed Tomography Colonography, also called virtual colonoscopy), we are your established and proven CTC services provider. Under the direction of Dr. Duncan Barlow, the radiologist who established the first CTC suite in the nation, our services include:
  • Complete CTC Services Deployment:
    • Provision of all the elements necessary to establish a CTC program at your facility, including clinically-proven imaging and prepping protocols, and onsite training by our own nurses and CT technologists
    • Our experts will work closely with your staff to ensure your medical staff optimizes the use of this new diagnostic imaging option
  • Interpretive Services:
    • Our radiologists have interpreted over 12,000 CTC studies and counting…
    • We utilize the latest version of 3-D modeling software by Viatronix, the pioneer in 3-D colon modeling
    • All findings are reported under the ACR’s Standardized C-RADS Classification System
Click here for a sample CTC report.

Two sample video clips of our CTC screening (45 sec ea):
Sigmoid Colon Polyp            Descending Colon Polyp