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About Us

Selfless Service: Patient centered. Community Focused. National Coverage.

Advanced Imaging Procedures

Our diagnostic and fellowship-trained radiologists bring decades of medical education and training to EagleEye. They also contribute a wealth of research and leadership experience in the most advanced imaging procedures, such as virtual colonoscopy. In keeping with these high standards, we employ only United States-trained and American Board of Radiology-certified physicians who desire to continue this legacy of service and commitment to our clients.

Radiologists Trained at the Institutions Where Teleradiology Was Pioneered

The United States military medical institutions were at the forefront of the development and clinical application of teleradiology. It was as a result of the leadership of these facilities, that what began as small-scale uses of teleradiology in combat zones quickly became prevalent throughout the civilian medical community. It is no accident that many of our radiologists were trained at those same forward-thinking institutions. Many of our radiologists chose a life of service, but were also keenly aware that doing so afforded them the opportunity to study and train at the most well-respected medical institutions in the United States.